Along with the MBE/EDGE Research and Reporting Unit, the Department of Administrative Services unit is responsible for helping implement the state’s procurement preference programs for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, which are the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) programs. This unit certifies businesses into both the MBE and EDGE programs, helps maintains a list of MBE and EDGE certified businesses, and ensures that certified businesses are in compliance with the programs.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

The State of Ohio’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program is designed to assist minority businesses in obtaining state government contracts through a set aside procurement program for goods and services.

  • Fast Track (MBE)

    For MBE fast track certification information, review the second paragraph under “Steps for MBE Certification” by going here. 

Encouraging Diversity Growth & Equity (EDGE)

The State of Ohio recognizes the need to encourage, nurture and support the growth of economically and socially underutilized businesses to foster their development. The EDGE Program provides an “EDGE” to small businesses by Encouraging Diversity Growth and Equity in public contracting. EDGE is an assistance program for economically and socially disadvantaged business enterprises.

  • Fast Track (EDGE)

    For EDGE fast track certification information, review the second paragraph under “Steps for EDGE Certification” by going here. 

Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise Certification (VBE)

The State of Ohio’s Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE) Procurement program provides preference or bonus points to certified companies that compete to contract with the state to supply the goods or services it needs, including eligible construction services.

  • Apply for VBE Certification

    Applying for VBE certification is done via the spreadsheet listed under “Steps for VBE Certification” at the link here. 

Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Program

The State of Ohio’s Women Business Enterprise (WBE) program is designed to assist women-owned businesses in obtaining contracts for goods and services, construction, architecture, engineering, information technology, and professional services. The WBE program does not apply a procurement goal or set-aside target for state government contracts. The State of Ohio developed the program because it recognized the need to encourage, nurture and support the growth of women businesses to foster their development and increase the number of qualified competitors in the marketplace.

  • Apply for WBE Program

    Details for applying for the WBE program can be found here. 

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For more resources on this topic, click here to go to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS).

Resource Website

To apply for the MBE/EDGE Certification, click here to go to the Ohio Business Gateway electronic filing system.