1. Go to the: Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) (Resource link below.)
  2. Click on New User to create a User Name and Password
  3. At next screen, go to drop down list. Select: Start a Service or Transaction
  4. At next screen, select: Equal Opportunity Division (EOD)
  5. At next screen, select: Unified Application
  6. Answer all questions

Please Note:

  • EOD will not receive your application unless the “Check Out” process is completed on the OBG website and you receive a confirmation number. (Please refer to the instructions above for how to properly check out a form on OBG)
  • Although the checkout process includes a button that reads: “Checkout (Ready to File and Pay),” please note that there is NO FEE required to submit a form to EOD when you click the button. All EOD forms are completely FREE to submit.
  • A confirmation number will be provided if the form is successfully checked out on the OBG.
  • EOD will receive an application the following business day.
  • EOD will be unable to process a MBE and/or EDGE application or cross-certification until supporting documentation is received in the office. The supporting document checklist will be a link on your confirmation receipt.

Resource Website

To apply for the MBE/EDGE Certification, click here to go to the Ohio Business Gateway electronic filing system.