Janitorial Services for Cary Crossing; Janitorial Services for West Union Square; and Janitorial Services for Reserve on South Martin

Solicitation TP20-014; Janitorial Services for Cary Crossing:

Solicitation TP20-015; Janitorial Services for West Union Square:

Solicitation TP20-016; Janitorial Services for Reserve on South Martin:

All responses must be emailed and received on or before July 30, 2020 at 11:00 AM (local time) at: procurement@cintimha.com

Please be sure to review Sections 3.0 – Quote Format and 4.0 – Award Criteria in the QSP documents to ensure submitted proposals are responsive.

Additionally, an audio presentation of guidance on how to provide TPS with a proposal is provided at: https://cintimha.com/bus-opp/preparing-your-solicitation-response/

  • : Touchstone Property Services (TPS, an instrumentality of CMHA)
  • : Procurement
  • : procurement@cintimha.com
  • : 30/07/2020
  • : 11am