Development Partners for Projects in Hamilton County, Ohio

CMHA is now soliciting proposals from qualified developer(s) or development team(s) to partner with CMHA, its instrumentalities and/or related entities for development/redevelopment in Hamilton County. Developers must have successful experiences in developing affordable housing. Developers must be able to bring in investors. The developer may assemble a development team in which member firms or individuals have the required experience. The ability to coordinate such an undertaking must be clear from the proposal submitted.

CMHA will receive, consider, and evaluate responses to this RFQ to select a pool of development teams that will be in effect for up to five years. CMHA may select (1) or more qualified development partners to place in a pool of developers. Any developer selected under this RFQ will be an integral partner in an effort to assist CMHA in developing high quality, energy efficient, and sustainable housing for Hamilton County and City of Cincinnati residents. The Developer(s) will be required to work closely with CMHA and other community stakeholders throughout the development effort.

Responses are due by 11 am local time on September 1, 2020.